Now in its third year the ‘Fergal's 10 miler’ event takes runners through the rural landscape of Broughderg & Davagh Forest and will provide a great challenge for people of all abilities. This event will be run in memory of Fergal Mulgrew and is hosted by Acorns AC.

Fergal was only 40 years old when he collapsed and died suddenly while out running with his friend in Davagh Forest, on Wednesday 12th October 2016. He was in the final stages of his preparation for the Dublin marathon and had hoped to complete the marathon in less than 3 hours.

Many of us have or will experience the loss of a loved one throughout our lives. Losing someone suddenly can be very traumatic and with the help and support of family, friends, the community and Fergal’s running family we have been learning not to live without Fergal but to live with the love that he left behind.

Fergal loved life and running. He completed numerous marathons, half marathons and many running events over recent years. He enjoyed working alongside, leading, guiding and getting the best out of people. He was known for saying ‘positivity, no negativity’ and we know that Fergal would be so proud that we are remembering him by doing something that he dearly loved. True to the motto of the Acorns AC ‘Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow’, Fergal proved to be a mighty oak. Perhaps we could say, he was the mighty oak who stood out in the crowd with his bandanna.
The Charity

Every year we nominate a different local charity with this year’s charity being S.T.E.P.S (Suicide.Talking.Educating.Preventing.Support) . Any Money raised will be equally split between S.T.E.P.S and Acorns AC.

S .T.E.P.S (Suicide.Talking.Educating.Preventing.Support) - The aim of this group is to raise awareness of suicide and mental health, Address the stigma of Suicide and mental health and to help build the community to deal with suicide and mental health. We hope people will know who to turn to if they have concerns about their friends, family or colleagues mental health. In time we want to have a strong network within the community that people can go to directly to seek help and support. We also hope to address the fear that many people have about talking about mental health. We hope people will take looking after their mental health as seriously as their physical health.


STEPS charity number is NIC106830

* STEPS Counselling was established in December 2016 as the waiting list for counselling in our local GP's was 1 to 2 years

* To date we have seen over 200 people from 25 different towns

* The age range in people attending STEPS counselling is from 4 - 85

* STEPS was set up in 2012 by the community for the community and continues to be run solely by volunteers

* STEPS follow a preventative approach to Suicide and Mental Health

Acorns AC